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Bored already?

What you can do to prevent yourself from boredom...
  1. Do something on myspace
  2. Create a 3D you with computer graphics...
  3. Type a great email to someone and make their day.
  4. Bake or cook something interesting
  5. Be active.. go outside, run around then go back inside and...
  6. Do some origami
Myspace where you can make your page look great with layouts, backgrounds and even add music you like.  
...or maybe help wash the dishes,,,

How old will you be on a certain date?

How old are you now?

Holiday Activities


Rock climbing  


Indoor hockey


Laser tag



Horse riding

Bike riding 

Paddle boarding



Games to play

Feed the fish- click on the screen to sprinkle the food and watch the fish gobble it up!


 Play piano

The goal is to shoot the same colour bubbles from the cannon to the top. Use the left and right arrows and direct the cannon to the same colour area. Use the space bar to fire the cannon to prevent the bubbles from coming closer to the cannon. Be quick as the bubbles come down fast!